AVOCADO CHEESECAKE: Rambouillet Wool Top - 4 oz - Hand dyed wool - Indie dyed wool - Hand dyed top roving - Food inspired wool


Color: Browns, Greens, Raspberry, Mango
Rambouillet Wool Top
4.0 oz / 113 grams

In stock: 2 

You're probably thinking, what? Avocado Cheesecake? Well, you're not alone! When I first heard about it from colleagues who took me to a vegetarian Indian restaurant for lunch one day, I was skeptical. One of my colleagues had it before and was over the moon by it, so we tried and it was delicious! The avocado filling is inside, the cake was topped with mango and raspberry sauce and crushed pistachios. Swoon!

Rambouillet is a wonderfully soft French Merino wool and a dream to spin.


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