AURORA ICE BAR: Rambouillet / Merino / Bright Nylon roving - 5.0 oz - Hand dyed spinning wool


Color: Blues, Greens, Pinks, Orange, Light Gray
Rambouillet / Merino / Bright Nylon roving
5.0 oz / 141 grams

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The inspirational photo for this colorway was taken at the Chena Hot Springs Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska where we spent a few days frolicking in the frosty snow in -30 to 30 degree weather! The Ice Museum filled with hand carved ice sculptures were amazing. And the apple martini in a hand carved ice gauntlet was amazing. You can even take your gauntlet home with you :) 
The photo on the top left shows the skeins prior to re-skeining.
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